Together we can make a difference

With big hearts for helping others and traveling throughout Peru to visit small scale cacao farms, we learned of the different social relations and problems smallholder farmers faced to share their cacao delicacies with the world.  We were alarmed to find that many had difficulties in collecting, organizing, and finding local markets to sell their cacao.   Since many smallholder farmers in Peru have on average two hectares of cacao farms, many struggle to be competitive with large cooperatives or plantations as they look for means to improving aggregation through economies of scale.   

That's when we knew we had to do something to help and founded Cacao Juntos to bring together smallholder farmers in the cacao industry in Peru.  It is our goal to help open market accessibility for smallholder farmers to international markets and build an integrated sourcing platform that shares fair value, knowledge, and a spirit of hope.  We develop direct relationships with smallholder farmers and support in facilitating cacao aggregation with the help of the smallholder farmers, local government officials, associations, NGOs and our clients to improve their efficiency and build a sustainable and competitive cacao value chain.  

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It's what's on the inside that counts

From farm to mill and port to delivery, we have developed a reliable and unique platform that interconnects each supply chain stage with real-time updates to ensure our products are being successfully transported from point of origin to their final destination.​

Our team performs and reports quality control inspections of all stages and handles all the documentation for import/export, customs clearance and delivery to final destination.  Our team also arranges optimal packaging arrangements by product weight and volumes for competitive shipping rates to final destination.  

Our team arranges and coordinates the import/export shipping of goods via air or vessel in accordance with product preservation and temperature guidelines. Our team further handles the customs clearances from the country of origin to the country of destination and arranges the delivery of the goods to their final destination.​

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